Top 10 Home Improvement Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

This is the time of year when many homeowners are anxious to make improvements that beautify their homes. Take a look at these 10 home improvement tips every homeowner should know:

1. Keep Improvements Timeless
Colors and designs should be timeless rather than trendy, especially if you plan to eventually sell your house.

2. Avoid Over-Improving
Avoid luxury improvements that add more value to your home than you can recoup if you decide to sell.

3. Finalize Plans Before Work Begins
Make all major project decisions before work begins to avoid unnecessary delays and expenses.

4. Update the Basics First
Focus on basic improvements (e.g. new shingles, paint, etc.) that keep your home well-maintained before beginning non-essential projects.

5. Bathroom and Kitchen Updates
A Bathroom or kitchen remodeling project is often a good investment with a decent ROI.

6. Stick to the Plan
Once your plan is in place, stick to it to avoid incurring unnecessary costs.

7. Expect to Go Over Budget
When planning your budget, add an extra 15 percent to cover unexpected expenses.

8. Add Curb Appeal
Simple improvements, like exterior paint, adds curb appeal and value for little money.

9. Take Advantage of Tax Incentives
Replacing an aging furnace or hot water heater may entitle you to a tax rebate or incentive. These kinds of improvements add value while saving you money in the long run.

10. Know When to Call a Pro
Do-it-yourself projects don’t always save you money. Know your limitations and call a pro for bigger projects beyond your skill level.

Call us at Granite Transformations if you’re looking for affordable ways to add value and beauty to your home. Most projects can be completed in one day without the hassle of a demolition.

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