Three Beautiful Ideas for a Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen Remodel in Peoria

If you feel like your heart is in the country, then you might consider doing a kitchen remodel in Peoria that reflects this sentiment.  Below you’ll find three ideas to help you transform your existing kitchen into a rustic farmhouse kitchen.

Integrate Stones

When you do a rustic farmhouse kitchen remodel in Peoria, part of what you’re doing is bringing the outdoors inside.  That’s why you’ll want to incorporate elements of wood (which we’ll get to in just a moment) and stone.

If you have the available space in your kitchen (and your budget can accommodate it), then consider installing a stone-hearth fireplace. The fireplace adds warmth to the room (literally and figuratively), and gives the room a beautiful focal point. It’s the perfect way to create a rustic feel in a grand way.

Another way to incorporate the stone element when you’re doing kitchen remodeling in Peoria is with your tiling. You can install a stone-feel accent border all the way around your kitchen, or you can install a stone backsplash. You can even build an entire stone façade over one or all the walls.

Finally, talk to your home remodeling contractor to see samples of countertop materials that capture the look and feel of stone. You can use real stone materials (such as granite), or opt for quality look-alikes.

Incorporate Wooden Elements

Any kitchen remodel in Peoria that leans towards rustic farmhouse must focus on the wooden element. This includes items such as hardwood floors with wide planks, rustic ceiling beams, and custom cabinets that let the true beauty of the wood shine through.

One thing to remember is that you don’t need to have perfectly matched and flawless wood for this design. For example, you may use different types of wood for your cabinets then you do for the butcher block top of your kitchen island. These slight variations will add to the overall rustic feel of the room.

Choose Rustic Accents

While you can certainly purchase a brand new farmhouse table and chairs to match your kitchen, you may find that the best match is a rustic, antique table. Keep an eye on local estate sales, thrift shops, and eBay for tables that match your décor.

You may also tell your friends about your needs so they can keep an eye out on your behalf. Finally, talk to your Peoria home remodeling contractor about it as well. Contractors generally tend to be well-connected, so he may have an idea of where you can get these items at a fair price.

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