Three Reasons Why Homeowners Need New Roof Installation Services In Orange Park FL

Many homeowners don’t normally think about their roof until water starts leaking into the house. It’s never a good idea to wait until there’s a leak to schedule a roof replacement, and homeowners often have their roof replaced for other purposes too. Read the information below to learn three reasons why homeowners often contact an experienced company for New Roof Installation Services in Orange Park FL.

Shingles Are Missing And The Roof Is Damaged

The harsh winds that are common in Florida can cause extensive damage to the shingles on a roof. When shingles are blown off the roof, the materials underneath the shingles are exposed and the house is no longer protected from the elements. If only a few shingles are missing, a roofing contractor can install replacement shingles on the areas that need them. If most of the shingles are gone and the roof is damaged, the entire roof must be replaced.

The Roof Is Worn Out

Roofs with asphalt shingles last a long time, and homeowners in Orange Park can expect them to last up to 15 years. In Florida, where there’s an abundance of sun throughout the year and frequent torrential rains, asphalt shingle roofs are prone to wearing out faster. Since it’s difficult for most homeowners to periodically examine their roofs from the ground, it’s imperative to have a roofing contractor inspect them every few months to determine the amount of wear to the shingles.

To Improve The Appearance Of The Home

Shingles are available in numerous color choices and homeowners can select a color that coordinates with the siding on their house. A new roof drastically improves the appearance of the home, and it also increases the home’s value. Property owners who want to sell their home will often contact a company that specializes in New Roof Installation Services in Orange Park FL before listing the home on the market. A new roof is a top selling point for a house because prospective buyers don’t want to purchase a house that will soon need a new roof.

Orange Park homeowners can get a quality roof installation from an experienced company when they contact Keith Stern Roofing. This company provides free roofing estimates after a thorough inspection and evaluation of the existing roof.

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