Reproduction Reclaimed Wide Plank Flooring: A Unique Addition To Any Home

Homeowners are always looking for something that will make their home unique. While some will follow the trends and styles prevalent for that year or even month in home décor or construction, others prefer to create a style all their own. Even though a reclaimed wide plank flooring may be popular, some homeowners prefer to purchase something that provides all the desirable qualities of an original but features the advantages of a reproduction.

Wood Floors

For any home, the addition of wood floors is a classic and elegant touch. Even when the style is rustic, the overall result is one of class and grace. The flooring in a home can introduce or heighten a certain element. This is particularly true if the choice is reclaimed wooden flooring. The style of wood, the colors, the patina and other factors all combine to create a warmth and character lacking in many other materials.

Wide Plank Flooring

While there are many different types of wood and styles, one popular choice is wide planking. The name is derived from the varying width of the planks that are used to make the floor. They are long and wide, but the widths do vary providing the room with an interesting and individualistic look.

Wide floor planking is typically characteristic of colonial-era homes and rustic cottages. Yet, modern homeowners realize they need not be so restrictive. This type of flooring, particularly in reproduction form, is more than suitable for other home interior styles. It is also appropriate for numerous rooms. While it may set-off a living room, it may also appear in a kitchen, adding a novelty to the space. Utilizing it in unexpected ways and incorporating into part of a preexisting style, allows home owners to introduce an element into their home that will make it unique.

The Beauty of a Reproduction Reclaimed Wide Plank Floor

At Hewn Elements, we have recreated the look without the potential flaws often associated with reclaimed wood. Our reproduction reclaimed wood flooring mimics the original. Yet, since it is constructed of white oak, it does not possess some of the weaker inherent qualities of reclaimed flooring material. At the same time, we pay homage to the original artisans and craftspeople by maintaining their high standards or production; including hand scraped and finished pieces. In doing so, we offer our customers all the benefits without the downside of a reclaimed wide plank floor.

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