Reviewing The Requirements For Restaurant Permits In Los Angeles

California restaurant owners must acquire a business license to open their company. If they wish to serve alcoholic beverages to the public, they must also acquire a license for these services. restaurant permits in Los Angeles are also a major requirements before the establishment can open for business.

What is a Resale Permit?

A resale permit offers the restaurant owner the ability to charge sales tax. This is a requirement if their state requires these taxes. The permit gives the owner the right to apply these taxes based on the percentage assigned to their city or county. If the state requires all for-profit businesses to charge a sales tax, the restaurant owner is required to obtain this permit before they may sell any products or services legally.

Acquiring a Health Permit

The health permit is afforded to the restaurant through the Department of Health. The health inspector must evaluate the property to determine if there are any health and safety violations that make the restaurant unsafe for customers. Once the restaurant owner has this permit, they can expect annual inspections to maintain public health. However, the health inspector has the right to evaluate the restaurant at any time without warning.

Food Handling Permits

The safe food handling permit is provided after employees receive food handling training. This training indicates that these employees understand all health and safety precautions that are required for restaurant workers. This permit allows the restaurant owner to serve food to customers in a restaurant setting.

Fire and Safety Permits

The fire and safety permit is provided after the location is equipped with all safety requirements. This includes fire safety equipment such as fire escapes, fire exit signs, and fire extinguishers. Select restaurant owners are also required to install sprinkler systems based on the type of restaurant they own.

California restaurant owners must abide by local laws that apply to their business. This includes acquiring licenses and permits that are a requirement for local agencies. This could include the liquor board, Department of Public Heath, and fire safety inspectors. Owners who need to acquire Restaurant Permits in Los Angeles should Contact Orchid Construction & Facility Services for more information about these requirements today.

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