Looking For Roofers In Valparaiso, IN

Every homeowner knows that a new roof is expensive. That is why consumers should consider metal. One of the main benefits of a metal roof is its durability. Indeed, this roof can last as long as your home. In addition, installing a metal roof does not take as long as shingles. Steel tiles are available in larger sheets so they are not as hard to place. The most difficult part of the job is taking off the old roof.

Experts say residential metal roofing is a booming business. The market for metal has quadrupled over the last ten years. If you need Roofers Valparaiso IN, call the guys that have 25 years of experience! If you are concerned about appearance, metal has many aesthetic benefits. Indeed, metal roofs come in different colors to match any home. The roofs are installed with hidden hardware that make everything appear seamless. Additionally, the hidden hardware make the roof more secure. Metal roofs are fastened in a way that protects the home from weather. Steel makes the roof wind-resistant and it prevents snow build-up. Homeowners do not have to worry about hail, either. The roof has a hail-specific warranty, there is no chance of finish damage. Further, this impact resistance does not weaken with age.

Metal roofs are also environmentally friendly. The metal sheets are made from recycled material. Further, the special roof coating reflects radiant heat. Most people see their energy costs slashed by as much as 20 percent. In addition, the attic temperature goes down by 34 percent. The house will be cooler so the air conditioner does not have to work as hard. And, metal roofs means there is less roofing material going into landfills. Ask Roofers Valparaiso IN about some of the myths surrounding metal roofs. Some people think they attract lightning but this is not true. Metal roofs do not attract more lightning than any other material. Finally, these roofs are flame resistant and protect the house from external fires. Metal roofs are good for the environment and the safety of your home. Call a contractor today for an estimate.

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