How to Know When You Need Reroofing in Spokane Valley

When you hear the rain outside beating down on your roof, you don’t want to hear the rain inside your home too. If you do find yourself with the rain coming into your home, it might be time to consider having reroofing done on your home.

Inspecting Your Roof

One of the most important things you can do when it comes to caring for your roof is regular inspections. Early detection is vital when it comes to repairing and replacing your roof. The more damage that a roof takes, the more the repair or replacement is going to cost you. There are some visual and non-visual clues that are going to alert you to your need for reroofing.

Checking the Roof Over

When you do an interior check of your roof, you need to look at the highest ceilings in your home. If you see a sagging roof deck, signs of water damage or leaking, dark spots on the ceiling, or you can see outside light shingling through, it is time to consider reroofing.

The exterior check of your home is a little more complicated and dangerous. Only complete as much of the inspection as you safely can. Check over the eaves, gutter, and shingles for signs of wear and aging. It is also beneficial to see if there is any loose material or wear around the chimneys, pipes, vents, and other penetrations. Finally, look for moisture, mold, and rot in the form of soft spots in the roof. If you are unable to do the inspection, you can call Premier Roofing Contractors to help you conduct the inspection.

The Cost

Reroofing in Spokane Valley isn’t the cheapest of all the options that are available. However, it is going to save you money in the long run and ensure that your roof is going to last for years to come.

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