Hire Roofers in Des Moines for Home Inspections

Before signing a sales contract when purchasing a house, it is extremely important to have the house inspected. Older homes may have wiring, plumbing, and structural issues that should be repaired before taking possession of the house. It is also important for the roof of a house to be inspected before committing your money.

What Inspection Should Entail

A thorough house inspection is necessary to ensure the house is a good investment. Everything from the roof to underneath the house should be examined to look for hidden issues that could prove costly if not repaired. When you have professional roofers in Des Moines inspect a house, they should examine both the interior and exterior of the roof.

Interior Inspection

Roofers should climb into the attic of the house to look for structural issues and water damage, and to check the roof’s ventilation. Signs of water stains on the walls, mold growth, and mustiness can mean the roof has one or more leaks. If there isn’t proper ventilation, heat cannot escape and it can cause the HVAC system to work harder to cool the house in the summer.

Exterior Inspection

Don’t try to inspect the top of the roof yourself, especially without the right equipment. Instead, hire roofers to inspect the shingles, guttering, flashing, and the chimney for wear and damage. While many roof repairs can be done easily and inexpensively, the average cost for replacing a roof is about $7,000, though it can run much higher. If the roof needs to be replaced, have the roofing company give you an estimate to use to negotiate the purchasing price with the seller.

Professional roofers have the expertise and equipment needed to completely inspect a roof to find any major issues and ensure it is in good condition before you commit to buying a house.

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