Eliminate Roofing Problems With Help From Experienced Roofers in Annapolis

A home is a substantial investment and one of the best ways to protect that investment is with a reliable roof. Experienced Roofers Annapolis can help with this task in a number of ways such as inspecting the structure for damage or replacing the sealant around vital roofing details like flashing or vents. Other jobs that can help to protect the roof include the replacement of torn shingles, repairing or replacing broken gutters or the installation of a new roof.

Inspecting the roof is one of those tasks that needs to be done fairly frequently. Unfortunately, most property owners forget about checking the roof for possible leaks or damage until it is too late. A quick visual inspection can determine if a problem exists and if there is a need for a professional inspection. Many Roofers Annapolis will perform the inspection as part of a roof repair, but there are times when all that is really required is an experienced roofer ruling out any problems. Some things that the professional looks for are damaged shingles, water damage to the decking or rafters, rotten or broken eaves and poor caulking. One concern that homeowners have in the Annapolis area is winter freezing. Freezing in the roof can happen when water seeps under the edges of the shingles. Once the water begins to freeze, it expands. This expansion causes the shingles to slowly pull away from each other and speeds up the roof failure.

An expert roofer can help by replacing any shingles that have become damaged and securing the underlying membrane. The typical roof consists of a membrane such as roofing felt placed over a wood decking, which is then covered with asphalt shingles. Of course, the property owner does not need to settle for asphalt when replacing a roof. There are several reliable alternatives including fiber-cement tiles, clay tiles and metals such as copper or steel. In fact, replacement roofing with stamped steel can be a great way to increase the life of the roof and reduce the rubbish that results from removing an asphalt covering. It is often possible to install the steel over the existing shingles by placing battens over them. However, this should only be done on a working asphalt roof to reduce the chance of further damage. Learn more about roofing repair or replacement from the experts at Reliable Roofers Inc.

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