Why Asphalt is Both the Best and Maybe the Most Dated with a Cedar Roofing Service

There is no universal truth for what type of roof is the best. It all depends on the environment and weather patterns, the total budget, the actual construction and slope of the home, and other outstanding consideration. There are even regulatory bodies that enforce certain roof constructions, especially in peculiar or commercialized lots where the building may take on a community need.

The most popular is asphalt with Cedar Roofing Service, but if someone was just asked on the street why this was the case, they may be unable to provide a substantial answer. There are a handful of major features that make asphalt the nation’s universal truth. But as new options come to light and trends change in design and in culture, asphalt becomes slightly more problematic.

Raw Materials and Attributes: Asphalt is a mix between organic fiber matting and fiberglass. Both of these materials are intensely invulnerable to cold weather and heat. Appropriately, many households are in locations where seasons swing in and hit both ends of this spectrum. It can withstand colder weather with intense wind. But they are also suitable against moisture accumulation, a consideration that can be especially prevalent during warm spring showers.

Slope: Aspahlt is is very versatile in its slope construction. it can suitably fit very steep slopes while also looking nice and slick with much flatter roof constructions. For especially steep slopes, aspahlt is often the top choice.

Environmental: It should come as little surprise that the most popular roofing option is also the least eco-friendly. New resources are finding ways to make it a little friendlier in the area of recycling, and a handful of of plants are processing them. But the majority of the time, asphalt ends up in landfills. The large reason why they are typically non-recyclable is that they are petroleum based.

Cedar Roofing Service can help a client decide if the default construction choice of asphalt is a suitable fit in a full home remodel or just a roof focused project. Regardless, the need for a new roof is both practical and aesthetic. Visit the official website to get more insight into the practicalities of asphalt roofs and if they fit the overall goal.

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