What you should know About Proper Mold and Algae Removal from Roofs

Many homeowners do not realize that the black streaks and discoloration appearing on their roof could actually be what is known as “organic growth”. Organic growth can be any form of mold, fungas, lichen or algae which will grow on exterior surfaces where damp is common. Organic growth can occur on just about anything from concrete to wood and any roofing materials common to Australian homes.

Many homeowners think it might be time to have a roof replacement when in fact they can simply hire a professional mold removal company. The Mold Removal Viera homeowners require is not as simple a procedure as you might think. You have to be certain you are using the best technique to kill and permanently remove the mold and algae without causing any damage to the surface on which it is growing.

Roof Damage

First it is important to understand what, if any damage can be sustained to your roof due to organic growth. A fungi such as lichen will cause minimal damage to your roof but can become unsightly. Other growth such as algae and mold can be more harmful to your roof and can affect the integrity which can lead to slow leaks and the growth of mold inside the home in the attic area.

Cleaning Process

There are many cleaning processes you can attempt on your roof, but most homeowners do not have the tools required to not only remove organic growth, but also prevent its return. For example you can try to tackle lichen with warm water and bleach and it will reduce the appearance and discoloration. However it will not stop the lichen from returning. Your best bet is to hire a Viera Mold Removal and Mold Remediation Services company to come in and assess the damage and growth in order to apply the required cleaning process. They will use pressure cleaning tools in hand with safe cleaning products that will not harm you or the structure of your roof but definitely cause damage to the organic growth to remove it effectively.

Many people might attempt to acquire cleaning products that are said to remove organic growth. However many of these products contain dangerous chemicals that can cause harm not only to your roof but to yourself. Therefore it is always safer to look for Viera Mold Removal and Mold Remediation Services such as Business Name to do the dirty work for you.

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