Visiting a Granite Slab Showroom in San Francisco

As a home owner or a design professional nothing can take the place of visiting a granite slab showroom in San Francisco to pick out your counter tops. Viewing catalogs of granite slabs just does not do justice. There are variations in granite that just are not relayed in pictures. You have to be able to view the granite in person and feel it to really understand the beauty. Of course there is not a granite slab showroom in San Francisco on every corner but you are in a unique position to visit one.

Most people are not quite as fortunate. Typically when you visit a stone dealer you get to see small chunks to choose from but you never get to see the actual slab. Seeing the slab has its advantages:

  • You can choose which part to use.
  • You can get a much better idea of how your end product will look.
  • You can see firsthand the subtle differences in the slabs that you do not get to see in samples.

In most cases when there is not a granite slab showroom around clients are sold the slab based on small samples. The samples do a good job of presenting what the slab looks like but it does not give you a chance to see if there are differences in the overall slab. Once you view a slab you can decide what part of the slab you want to use and which part can be discarded.

Seeing a slab of granite can easily put your end product in perspective for you. It is hard to get a true image of what the end product will look like by looking at a small square of granite. Of course we all have our “vision” of what we want the end product to look like but viewing a slab of granite makes that vision a lot easier to picture.

Uniquely Your Own

Visiting a granite slab showroom in San Francisco means you can pick a slab of granite that can be uniquely your own. You can choose the slab for your counters and reserve it for your own use. It is a unique experience and a great feeling to know that no one has exactly the same counter tops as you.  You can choose from a full range of colors and styles that you may not be able to find anywhere else. If you have the chance to visit a showroom you should.

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