Tips to Hiring Roof Installers in Topeka KS

The vast majority of labor warranties cover at least twelve full months after the completion of the roofing work. The duration of the warranty is not as valuable as the Roof Installers in Topeka KS that are behind the warranty. Homeowners can find this information by asking other clients:

  • Does the contractor perform his or her work in a reasonable period?
  • Will the roofer react calmly when asked to provide more information or to make changes?
  • Are concerns addressed immediately by the company?
  • When describing the contractor, would previous clients describe them as a roofing company they can trust?

Manufacturers guarantee their specific product or roofing material (covering defects), while individual roof installers in Topeka KS or roofing companies guarantee their labor. These two guarantees cover the roofing system.

A reliable roofer always provides guarantees

A reputable roofer will be able to provide their clients with a copy of the manufacturer’s warranty. A select group of roofing manufacturers will offer certifications to professional contractors. This shows their experience, knowledge, and overall competence in the installation process.

Did the contractor offer a quote?

Quotes offer the potential customer ideas and examples of the products that will be used -; by design, brand, prices, as well as services. Some other provisions may be included. Expect around three product options, ranging from good quality, better and best.

Good consumer-friendly proposals should include product documentation, as well as samples. If there are problems with your roof, the usual thing is to ask about the issue as soon as it’s noticed. Therefore, “short-term” guarantees offered by the contractor or manufacturer tend to be much more important than long-term guarantees.

How does the roofing company deal with complaints?

How does each potential contractor deal with problems that arise? When requesting a list of customer references, request at least one from which a complaint originated. Did they lose a court case related to the work performed and did they have their contractor’s license suspended because of it?

The Better Business Bureau and licensing authorities can provide consumers with these answers. Test the reputation of each roofing contractor by asking how every dispute was resolved. Visit us for more details.

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