The Important Advantages of Private Grain Storage Bins in Oregon

More than 300,000 farms throughout the nation have at least one large piece of equipment for storing grain. In many cases, that’s a silo. In other instances, it’s a grain bin. Some farmers have several Grain Storage Bins in Oregon on their land, and others have a combination of both types. Farmers appreciate the advantages of being able to store feed for livestock and seed for crops on their own land.

Multiple Uses

Most farmers keep dried corn and other livestock feed in silos and Grain Storage Bins in Oregon for their own animals. Doing so protects them from price fluctuations in the market if they were to buy feed instead. They may still need to supplement this food, but their expenses are significantly reduced.

Farmers also have the option of selling some feed and crop seed on the market, as well as setting up contracts to sell product later. An individual who becomes knowledgeable about commodity markets can add a good source of extra income in this manner. A little increase in price makes a substantial difference when selling large quantities of product.

Return on Investment

Grain storage bins are not cheap, but they provide a remarkable return on investment when used wisely. The ability to sell feed and seed as well as to feed one’s own livestock makes the storage containers one of the smartest optional purchases when it comes to agricultural equipment.

In addition, the ability to move grain quickly into storage instead of having to wait for one’s turn at a commercial elevator makes a big difference in the quality of the product.


Experts advise owners of agricultural property to carefully consider their budget, including cash flow, before purchasing a grain bin. Most of them will have already done so and may have been planning on buying from a company such as Leon James Construction for a long time, but some individuals are tempted to act more spontaneously.

Farmers who already have storage equipment on their land and want to expand will likely have a better idea of what must be considered than those who are new to the enterprise. Learn more about us at the website.

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