Signs That Would Indicate That a Plymouth, MA, Roof Needs to Be Replaced

One thing that a homeowner will want to look at when considering a roof replacement is the age of their current roof. If their current roof is made of asphalt shingles and it is over 20 years old, this may show that it is time to replace it.

Roof replacements in Plymouth, MA, may also be necessary if the homeowner notices that the shingles are buckling or curling. They should look at the slopes of their home when it is sunny outside and visually examine the condition of the shingles. Asphalt shingles are past their life expectancy if they are losing granules or are cracking.

Another thing to examine is the roof valleys. If there are shingles that are missing or falling apart in the valleys, roof replacements in Plymouth, MA, may be appropriate. The valleys in the roof are what allow rain and snow to fall into the gutters. If this area is compromised, this means that the roof is susceptible to leaks, which can cause a whole host of problems.

When the homeowner cleans the gutters, they may notice that there are shingle granules in the gutter. This is a sign that a repair or replacement is necessary. As asphalt shingle roofs get older, the shingles will start to lose their granules. A visual inspection may not be enough to show to a homeowner that the shingles are getting older. However, granules in the gutter are a clear sign that something needs to be done.

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