Should Skylights be Replaced During New Roof Installation in Menasha?

Re-roofing a home is a costly proposition. Quality labor, materials and insurance aren’t cheap. With that said, it can be very tempting to take shortcuts, and skylights are a common area to skimp. After all, some believe it makes no sense to replace a skylight when reflashing seems to be a less-costly alternative. Where skylight replacement vs. reflashing is concerned, below are several important reasons to determine if a contractor offering New Roof Installation in Menasha is worthy of consideration.

The Price Difference is Reasonable for the Job

Reflashing a skylight can cost up to $500, where a replacement can cost from $500 to $1500 depending on the skylight type. Homes with multiple skylights pay a lower per-unit cost. Those who want significant savings should think in the long term; without poor workmanship or an act of God, money always goes further with new skylights.

If the Seal Fails, the Whole Roof Must be Removed

The price difference isn’t substantial if skylights are replaced during roof installation, but doing it afterward is different. Homeowners should ask themselves whether it’s really worthwhile to save that old skylight, and they should consider that some skylight seals start to fail at roughly ten years old.

Disturbing the Skylight Can Cause Leaks

A skylight may have performed adequately during the years before a roof replacement, but the re-roofing process can disturb it regardless of the contractor’s skill. Keeping a skylight in place only to have leaks after New Roof Installation in Menasha isn’t worth the hassle, especially when re-roofing requires partial disassembly. This can compromise the skylight’s warranty and cause future leaks, which will bring the need for replacement.

Replacement is Inevitable

A skylight, like everything else, has a finite lifespan. An inexpensive Plexiglas light can crack, and even a higher-quality Velux light will eventually warp. Electing to reflash instead of replacing can result in condensation and leaks, as well as energy loss. The decision is of course up to the homeowner, but if the customer elects to reflash, the roofer may disclaim responsibility for future leaks around the skylight. For more information or to schedule an evaluation, area homeowners can visit us website.

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