Roofers in Tacoma WA: Why You Should Ventilate Your Roof

One question that roofers in Tacoma WA are frequently asked is whether ventilating roofs is important. Roof ventilation helps in making the general atmosphere of the house more comfortable as well as enhancing the durability of your roof. It is normally done at the attic and achieved by installing both intake and exhaust vents. During the hot seasons, the intake vent takes cooler air from outside to the inside where it circulates in the attic space. After this circulation, the air is then fanned out through the exhaust vents.

Results of a poorly ventilated roof

During the wet or cold seasons, moisture normally forms in the attic. This moisture condenses and form water especially when it comes into contact with any metal. The moisture can also condense on electrical wires that may have been installed in the attic space. If such wires are chewed by rodents, the result will be electrical shorts that might cause great damage or even start a fire. Excessive moisture may encourage the growth of mold that is a health hazard to you and your family.

During the summer, a house with an attic that is not properly ventilated will generally remain warmer most of the time. This makes the air conditioning system to work harder to maintain favorable temperature, and this means overworking the systems. Overworking an AC will lead to breaking down more often and demand a lot of maintenance and repair services.

Too much heat in the attic lowers the lifespan of your roof. The most affected roofs wooden and asphalt roofs. With time, these roofs become worn out, and so replacement is needed sooner than you had planned.

Lack of proper ventilation lead to the attic smelling musty, and if the damage to your Asphalt shingles roof was as a direct result of insufficient ventilation, then you are likely to miss manufacturer’s warranty. Ventilating your roof not only makes it last longer.

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