Roof Flashings in Lawrence, KS Prevent Leaks

When a person notices a water stain on their ceiling or wall, that’s a sign they have a water leak somewhere in the home. The roof is often the source of that leak. While fixing a small roof leak is usually easy, it can be difficult to find the leak’s source. A roofing contractor can inspect the roof to confirm that it’s the location of the leak. They will check the shingles to ensure that they are in good condition and securely attached to the house. Roof Flashings in Lawrence KS will also be looked at closely.

A flashing is a piece of metal or rubber that covers places in the roof where water is likely to seep in. This is usually in a valley where two roof planes meet or around the chimney, air vents, or skylights. It is also needed in the seam created where a house wall meets a roof plane. Metal flashing is made of copper, stainless steel, or aluminum. It can last up to 20 years when it is properly installed and maintained. However, extreme weather can loosen it. This can allow water to seep under it and leak into the home. Once the problem is identified, it’s easy for a roofer to reseal the flashing.

Every roof is different, and it is often necessary for the roofer to make custom Roof Flashings in Lawrence KS. They measure the seams where two roof planes meet and create a flashing that fits the space perfectly. Flashing will carefully be placed around each structure that protrudes through the shingles. Roofers will know whether it’s best to use metal or rubber flashing materials. Metal flashing is very durable and can stand up to many types of weather. It is also fire-resistant and can be sealed with many different kinds of materials.

Rubber flashing is very easy to shape and fit. Because of this flexibility, it easily responds to wood roofing materials as they change in size due to temperature fluctuations. It is also cheaper and quieter than metal flashing. Alpha Roofing in Topeka is a roofing company that can install, inspect and maintain roofs. Click Here to learn more about their experience and services.

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