Repair And Replacement of A Roof Requires A Roofing Contractor In Des Moines IA

Nothing is more frustrating needing to repair or replace a roof. It becomes even more frustrating when the roof doesn’t seem old enough to need any work done. Roofs can need to be replaced before the recommended shingle life when the shingles have been damaged by storms or heat. Heat on a roof from lack of air under it can result in shortening the life of the shingles dramatically. Hail damage is common to many roofs. It is usually undetectable unless an individual climbs on a roof to inspect it. Installation of a new roof or repair of an old roof requires a Roofing Contractor in Des Moines IA.

A roof is more than just hammering a few shingles onto a roof. The roof of today consists of several different components and is designed to protect a home much from damage. A Roofing Contractor starts with the best support beams in the business and wooden deck. The wooden deck on the roof requires roof deck protection. This material covers the wood before the shingles are applied. Areas were one roof meets another roof, requires a specially designed leak barrier. This prohibits the water from the two roofs to enter under the shingles and create leaks inside.

It’s important to pick a quality shingle that will enhance the look of a home. The styles, colors and varieties that are chosen can beautify a home and increase the value. A Roofing Contractor in Des Moines IA can offer great suggestions to style and color. After the shingles have been chosen, the contractor will be placing the shingles from the bottom of the roof to the top. There is a special start strip shingle that must be applied at the bottom. The contractor will continue to work their way up to the top and place a ridge vent at the peak of the roof for adequate ventilation.

Attempting to place a roof on a home without the proper experience and training will leave a home vulnerable to leaks in the roof. A home is one of the largest investments that are made and it’s important to protect that roof with quality workmanship and products.

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