Questions to Ask a General Residential Contractor in Rochester, MN Before Making a Choice

Choosing a General Residential Contractor in Rochester MN is not something to take lightly. Before the final selection is made, it pays to ask a lot of questions. While some of those questions will be specific to the type of project the client has in mind, others will apply to any type of home renovation or new construction. Here are some examples to keep in mind.

Provisions for Workers Compensation

Always ask if the General Residential Contractor in Rochester MN maintains workers compensation insurance for the team who will complete the project. This is important since the client may end up having to pay for medical treatments if one of those workers slips off a ladder and has to spend a few days in the hospital. If the contractor does not answer in the affirmative, take that as a cue to talk with a different professional.

The Terms of the Time and Materials Contract

A time and materials contract provides specific details about how certain elements of the project will proceed. The contract locks in an agreed-upon, per-hour rate for the hours that the team is working on the project. It should also define the cost of materials and equipment that is actually used during the course of the project. It’s not unusual for this type of agreement to also provide for a set amount to cover any additional expenses the contractor incurs that are not specifically covered in other parts of the quote or contract. If the contractor is not willing to discuss including this type of agreement in the planning, call another professional.

The Amount of Time Spent on the Job Site

How often will the contractor be at the job site while the project is underway? Contractors often manage multiple projects at the same time, so don’t expect the professional to be present all day every day. If the contractor does plan on spending at least an hour or two with the crew every day and is available to return to the site if the need arises, that should be sufficient.

Whether the plan is to make some updates to the interior or to add one or two rooms to the home, Contact Steve Gentry Construction today. Ask all the questions that come to mind and listen closely to the answers. Once the client is comfortable with how the project will be handled, a start date can be set.

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