Questions to Ask Your Roofing Contractors, Get an Estimate near Winnetka Il

Are you looking to get work done on your roof and are still comparing different roofing contractors? There is a lot of important information you need to know before you hire any service in Winnetka Il. Make sure you don’t take any shortcuts by doing proper screening beforehand. There are some great questions you can ask to help you make the best choice.

Ask the Contractor

The best way to avoid surprises down the line is to get all the relevant information and answers upfront. Here are some of the top questions you can ask:

  • How much does the work cost? Knowing how much the completed job costs altogether allows you to budget accordingly and also determine if the project is something you can afford at the time. Always ask for a quotation so that you can see a detailed breakdown of the prices. Bear in mind that this should give you a good ballpark figure, but you should take it as a conservative estimate as additional costs may creep up during the project.
  • What licenses and industry associations do you have? It’s best to work with a licensed company as it means that they meet the state requirements for the industry. It is also helpful to know that the company is involved in various industry-related associations as this can indicate that they are keeping up with standards and innovations.
  • What projects have you worked on? A good track record is important because it means that they are credible and experienced. You can also inquire about how many years’ experience they have in this particular industry.
  • What additional services do you offer? It is good to know if they offer related services such as repairing and maintenance.

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