Protect Your Investment and Your Home Using Roofing Repair Rockville

When your home develops a leaking roof the first thought you may have is for a quick fix. In some cases this may actually be an option, but reliable Roofing Repair Rockville involves much more than slapping some sealant in place or swapping out a shingle or two. In fact, a quality repair often begins with a thorough examination of the roof, decking and joists. This is necessary because water is devious. In many cases the place where the water enters the interior of your home won’t be where it started out. For instance, if water leaks around the flashing it could wander for a while before it finds a crack or hole to enter. In cases where there is no hole then the water could sit and slowly rot away the roof’s decking or structural support. The only thing you can be sure of is that it will eventually find its way inside.

When your roof leaks you might have the option of making a small fix or replacing the whole roof covering. If the shingles are fairly new then you might want to consider replacing the damaged ones, but aging asphalt roofing is generally best handled by replacing all of them. This is because asphalt shingles will dry out over time and replacing a few just avoids the real problem. The typical asphalt roofing generally lasts about twenty to twenty five years. However, major storms, sleet and ice can really damage a roof causing them to fail sooner than expected. This is especially true of older shingles that have started to lift away from each other. Sleet and rain can collect under the shingles and freeze which causes further even separation.

You have a number of choices when replacing your roofing. You can opt for the traditional asphalt shingle or you could choose a modern alternative. Replacement roofing comes in cement tiles, slate, copper, galvanized steel and other materials. Modern steel roofing provides a huge variety of roof styles and offers an average life of fifty years or longer. Cement tiles provide an elegant solution for certain architectural styles provided you have enough structural support. Even the traditional asphalt shingle can improve the looks of your home while adding value to your investment. If you are suffering roof problems and need Roofing Repair Rockville be sure to consult with an experienced contractor such as Reliable Roofers Inc.

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