Pros and Cons of Double Hung Window Installation in St Paul

Homeowners looking for a quick and easy way to improve their homes’ appearances, energy efficiency, and property values would do well to look into replacing any aging windows. There are many options out there when it comes to new windows, though, so it’s important for property owners to choose the right types. This article lays out a few of the benefits and drawbacks of Double Hung Window Installation in St Paul for homeowners who are considering this style.

The Pros

Double hung windows are quite versatile, working well with a wide variety of home styles. They’re also easy to clean since they feature tilt-out upper and lower sashes in addition to being able to slide up and down to accommodate screens or air conditioning units. Homeowners who are concerned about their homes’ energy efficiency should look into adequate weatherstripping, which helps to prevent heat transfer and keep monthly utility bills low.

The Cons

Most homeowners love their double hung windows, but there are a couple of potential downsides. For one thing, they offer limited ventilation since only half of the window can be open at once. Older double hung windows also less airtight than casement windows and fixed windows. Fortunately, though, adequate weatherstripping and the use of newer models for double hung window installation in St Paul can mitigate this problem.

Choosing the Right Windows

The quality of the materials used in fabricating double hung windows and the skill of the contractors responsible for installing them can have a dramatic impact on how airtight the windows are and how long they will last. When choosing new windows, look for features like diversions and barriers to reduce water buildup on the windows’ sills, corners, and sashes, and choose styles that feature triple-pane glass for maximum energy efficiency. Some double hung windows also feature integral lift rails to prevent damage to the rails when the windows are opened and closed and soft-seal gaskets that make them even more energy efficient.

Choosing the Right Contractor

It’s equally important to choose a remodeling contractor who has plenty of experience installing this type of window. Click here to learn about one company that can help today.

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