Let a Maryland Roofer Eliminate Those Roofing Problems

A roof can come in many styles, but the typical home roof is a simple construction. First, there is a skeleton of rafters and joists that are covered with a layer of decking. Typical decking materials are plywood and OSB (oriented strand board). Many construction companies prefer OSB because it is low cost, but a superior Maryland Roofer will recommend plywood for a more durable roof installation. One reason for this is the fact that OSB does not handle water very well and a small leak can result in large areas of rotten decking.

The final layers of the roof often depend on the style of the structure. The typical, suburban dwelling uses a thin roofing felt and budget-grade, three-tab asphalt shingles. This works well for a while, but low quality shingles can dry out, curl or crack. This leaves the roof vulnerable to the elements and a lot of costly damage. A Maryland Roofer can provide alternatives to the standard shingle including enhanced composites such as laminated shingles. Laminates combine additional layers of asphalt on the back of the shingle. This helps them handle the elements better and avoids many problems that thinner versions have. Laminates tend to have a unique appearance as well because the edges are made with random shapes. That is, each shingle varies enough so that the installed roof appears unique.

If asphalt is not the material of choice, then there are options such as steel, fiber-cement tiles, and simulated cedar shake. Steel is an excellent solution for various roofing types because there are different kinds of steel roofing materials. Steel can be used in long panels that connect with standing seams or through smaller sheets designed to simulate a variety of roofing options. Steel roofing can be protected with galvanized coatings or the use of a fluoropolymer based paint.

Some people prefer the look of tiled roofs, and fiber-cement tiles provide a great option. This material makes use of Portland cement and a cellulose material such as wood pulp. Fiber-cement tiles tend to have the color embedded in the product, which reduces fading. For the more traditional appearance, there are various simulated shake materials. Shake roofing has a unique look, but wood shake is not the most durable material. Simulated shake products eliminate this problem and any issues with flammability. Contact the experts at Reliable Roofers Inc to learn more about roofing solutions.

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