Is a Residential Flat Roof in Philadelphia a Good Idea?

Designing a new home is fun, but it does involve making some serious decisions. One of the things the property owner must consider is what type of roof would be best. While angled roofs are more common, it never hurts to look into the benefits associated with a Flat Roof in Philadelphia. Here are some of the advantages that make this option practical.

Low Wind Resistance

Angled roofs do generate a fair amount of resistance to the wind. That doesn’t matter most of the time, but it can be a major factor during a severe storm. Since a Flat Roof in Philadelphia has low resistance, the chances of materials working loose and blowing away are much lower. That can mean fewer repairs to make in the years to come.

A Long Life

With a reasonable amount of maintenance, there’s no reason why a flat roof can’t last for up to three decades. The longevity is good news for the homeowner who would rather not have to replace the roof any sooner than necessary. Couple that with the fact that the upkeep will be less than some other roof designs, and the flat roof begins to look like a great idea.

Easy to Access

Flat roofs do some with just enough slope to ensure rain and other precipitation does not puddle on the surface. This relatively flat surface is much easier to walk across. Homeowners who like to clean out their own gutters will find the flat roof makes moving around much easier and safer.

Competitive Cost

It’s not unusual for a flat roof to be composed of tar and granite chips. Overall, the cost of materials and installation is competitive with other roof options. When the property owner would rather spend more money on what’s under the roof, going with a flat surface makes a lot of sense.

Before making any decisions, contact the team at Philly Roofing and arrange to talk with a professional. Ask for more information about how flat roofs compare with their angled counterparts. Doing so will ensure the client has all the information needed to make the right choice.

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