Inspections For Your Commercial Roof Are Essential

If you are the owner of a commercial building, you will know that the roof is one of your greatest investments. Particularly if you have tenants, or if your building is housing expensive supplies, it is absolutely essential that your roof is in a good condition and that no leaks occur. Commercial buildings almost always have larger roofs than domestic homes, so arranging for regular inspections to protect your investment will be crucial. Proper records should be kept of these inspections, which might be important if ever you need to make an insurance claim. No matter the size of your roof, you’ll be aware that extremes of climate, as well as damage from wind or nearby trees can all play a part in the deterioration of your roof, so there is no roof that can be left uninspected in the hope that no deterioration is taking place.

Choose a professional commercial roofer for your Woodridge IL building

Given the importance of your roof, you should ensure that you partner with a roofer that is licensed and has a reputation of providing good service. A roofer should be able to consult the plans of your building and should be able to knowledgeably inspect all the trusses, as well as beams, rafters, and the membrane of the roof. Whether the roof surface consists of tiles, shingles, slate, or pitch, a professional roofer would know how to carry out any necessary repairs.

The checklist for commercial roofing inspections

The main purpose of an inspection is to identify any signs of deterioration. The interior inspections of the conditions of the walls and ceilings will be important to ascertain if there has been any water penetration. The external inspection of the soffits, gutters, and fascias would also form part of the checklist. Upon completion, a professional company, such as Showalter Roofing, should present a report which documents the findings. Ideally, this should include photographs and data from any conducted tests. You would then be given an estimate for the repairs that are deemed necessary.

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