Indications to Acquire a Roof Replacement in Charleston, SC

Maintaining the waterproofing integrity is a critical part of the roof. Once this has been compromised, it is only a matter of time before the entire roof is under assault. Once under assault, the damage will continue until the entire roof is compromised. These are a few indications that the roof will need to be completely replaced.

Multiple compromised areas can indicate the need for a Roof Replacement in Charleston, SC. A systemic failure of the waterproofing can be indicated by the presence of multiple leaks found in different areas of the roof. Once the leaks have become widespread, the damage has already been done. Because there are so many of them, the deterioration of the roof will happen very quickly.

Soft spots on the roof aren’t typically noticed without some kind of inspection occurring. These soft spots are indicative of a deterioration of the plywood sheeting used to provide structure and support to the shingles. Once the wood has deteriorated to the point where it can no longer support the material, the effectiveness of the shingles is completely lost. The only way to repair damage at this point is to rip up the roofing material and replace the compromised areas. If occurring in multiple spots, this likely means a complete replacement of the roof.

A reoccurring leak is also indicative of the need for a Roof Replacement in Charleston, SC. If the problem isn’t resolved by simple patching, the problem goes beyond that area. Water will naturally flow to the low spot of the roof. If this water drains from multiple locations, the leak may occur again and again even after that particular part of the roof is patched. Investigating the source of the leak can require the removal of the roofing material in different suspected locations.

Multiple leaks, soft spots, and a persistent reoccurring leak can all indicate the need for an entire roof to be replaced. This is because the damage can be more widespread than is indicated at first glance. Only a thorough inspection can reveal the extent of the damage that has occurred to the roof. Click here for more information on replacing the roof or to get an inspection done.

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