Indications that Flat Roof Replacement in Oklahoma City is Needed

Flat roofs require much more care than any other type of roof design. Because they have no natural grade, there is nowhere for the water to run. It usually just sits on the roof and soaks in the material. Once it gets in the leaks start occurring. Because flat roofs are so susceptible to water damage, they need to be replaced more often. These are some indications that the roof is ready to be replaced.

One of the indications of a Flat Roof Replacement in Oklahoma City is the growth of plants. Plants have roots that will eventually destroy the entire roof. Once they start growing, the roof is already highly compromised. The pooling water and seeds carried on the wind can start the process of plant growth. A regular inspection can identify if plant growth has started.

Another indication that issues are occurring is random leakage. While leakage typically occurs at the seams of the roof, the pooling water can soak in anywhere. Since each leak will degrade the material, water can move to different areas. This is one of the reasons it is difficult to address leaks on a flat roof. Too many random leaks means the entire roof will need to be replaced.

If the flat roof has turned into a swimming pool, the roof is under great stress. This can happen after a very intense rainfall. At this point, water penetration into the roof is just a matter of time. The water won’t dry very quickly without additional help. If enough water gets on the roof, it can collapse. A Flat Roof Replacement Oklahoma City is needed after a major flooding event has occurred. At this point, the roof may have already suffered significant damage to the structure.

While the flat roof can be an ideal used as a base for decks, it is also highly susceptible to water. This water can cause a whole host of issues. These are just a few indications that the roof may need to be replaced. Because of their design, the flat roof doesn’t have as long of a lifespan. Visit website for more information flat roof replacements. You can also visit them on Facebook.

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