Have You Ever Used Vortex Diamond Pads In Your Home Or Business?

The chances are that very few of us will ever actually use any sort of Vortex Diamond Pads ourselves since they are a specialized abrasive pad used for the renovation of stone surfaces. The marble, granite or other beautiful stone that we love to see on our countertops, floors and wall claddings are not perfectly smooth and do not shine and sparkle in their natural state before being blasted out of a rock quarry. Even the so called engineered stone does not have a fine luster at the time it is made.

Plain, rugged granite might be great for a house exterior but you would not want it looking that way as the surface on your kitchen or bathroom countertops. The highly reflective gloss that you want to see is achieved by expertly grinding, polishing and buffing one side of the stone surface. In a factory context this stone finishing work will be done on fairly large industrial type machinery but, what happens after the stone has left the factory?

Using Vortex Diamond Pads During Installation

During installation, small finishing touches might be needed such as cutting or grinding stone tiles to final size and hand tools fitted with highly abrasive Vortex Diamond Pads might well be used. Diamonds are a most efficient abrasion media and creating a vortex at the work area literally blows away the debris. The work may be dusty but it is highly efficient. However, we are likely to call in a contractor rather than do this sort of job for ourselves.

Using Vortex Maintenance Diamond Impregnated Pads For Restoration Work

The installation contractor has done a perfect job and your new stone surfaces are just what you desired. However, nothing is likely to stay in perfect, pristine condition over the course of time especially if it is subjected to the sort of treatment that kitchen countertops regularly encounter (marks from hot pans, knife scratches, spillage stains, etc, etc).

You could rush out and buy MB Stone Pro all sorts of restorative pastes and liquids plus an entire set of specialist tools (including Vortex Maintenance Diamond Impregnated Pads). Trade suppliers like Mbstonepro.com even sell them online; but, even if you had the skills to use them correctly, would the investment be practical considering that restoring your stone surfaces is not likely to become a regular part of your household cleaning and maintenance schedule? Again, I suspect that, like me, you would call in a specialist contractor.

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