Garage Doors Today Are A Far Cry From What They Were Years Ago

Time takes a toll on everything, including the garage door on your home. Garage door replacement in Glenview is far from being something that you do every day, if you think that the doors available today are the same as they were when the original door was installed years ago you are in for a surprise.

Garage doors today have a number of advantages over their predecessors; they are far more secure, considerably stronger, better insulation and they require far less maintenance. The variety of materials and styles is awe inspiring.

Choosing a material:

The majority of replacement garage doors are steel which is backed with rigid foam insulation. Although less expensive models are available made from 26 and 28 gauge material, most homeowners opt for a 24 gauge garage door replacement in Glenview. Many have a faux wood finish or a smooth finish but all are well protected against rust and come with an impressive warranty.

For many years wood garage doors were the mainstay, the same cannot be said today. The reasons are varied but one of the main reasons why homeowners are turning away from wood is the regular painting and finishing that is required.

Rather new on the scene are plastic doors, they are lightweight, corrosion and rot resistant and operate very quietly. The material that is used is PVC with UV resistant additives which means they can be in service for many years without fading from the sun.

Looks really do count:

When you consider that a typical garage door spans perhaps 15 to 20 percent of the width of a typical suburban home it is easy to see why aesthetics are very important. All major garage door manufacturers offer options which can quickly “stylize” your replacement door. Windows are readily available and come in a host of sizes and styles, anything from a basic rectangular pane of glass to color or etched panels that are great at letting natural light into the garage but deny passerby’s a look into the garage.

When a homeowner is faced with garage door replacement in Glenview he or she is also faced with limitless combinations in size, quality, décor, insulation, etc. This makes price comparison quite difficult although it is fair to say steel doors are less expensive than their wood counterpart but wood is easier to customize.

When you are faced with garage door replacement in Glenview you will want to work with a specialist that can do far more than simply sell you a door. For expert supply, installation and repair you are invited to contact Roberts Garage Door Professionals of Chicago.

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