Engineered Quartz in Lagos is an Ideal “Stone” Upgrade

A natural stone look, when installed in a home, creates an effect that is as striking as it is valuable. When you include an engineered or man-made stone, for instance, you automatically add a unique quality to your home’s decor. One of the backsplash and wall materials that are manufactured and sold is engineered quartz in Lagos.

The material of engineered quartz is a man-made material that is made up mostly of natural materials. The quartz is comprised of about 90% ground quartz and about 8% pigments and resins that help turn the quartz into nonporous and strong slabs.

The strength of quartz is well-noted, even when it is manufactured. Quartz is naturally resistant to dents, scratches, abrasions and acids, and does not need to be sealed. Finished quartz is not only non-allergenic, but it is also non-toxic as well. As a result, the material generally has little need for replacement.

Not a Customized Material

Slabs of engineered quartz are made to order. They are created in established thicknesses and sizes by a manufacturer. The slabs, however, are fabricated to a project’s requirements with respect to shape, size and edge profile. Slabs of man-made quartz are installed separately or in pieces.

Uniform Patterns

While durability is a reason that homeowners install quartz, so is the fact that the material is made in a variety of patterns, textures and colors. In addition, the selections continuously expand, triggered by a competitive marketplace. The texture and color of engineered quartz has a uniformity that is not found in natural stone designs, such as granite or marble.

While the uniform nature of the product is appealing to some homeowners, other homeowners prefer a more natural pattern or natural stone design. The colors and hues in a natural quartz palette range from a bright white to reds and blacks. White is a popular selection.

Because engineered quartz is non-reactive to acids and resistant to abrasion, the material is ideal for use as a backsplash, countertop, floor or wall. Like natural stone, the man-made quartz is heavy. It also cannot be used outside because it is made with resins that are not UV-stable. However, the material is not negatively affected by a warm outside temperature. Nevertheless, the product should not be used for flooring over radiant heat as it can be damaged from any long-term exposure.

Man-made quartz is easy to maintain. Use soap and warm water for day-to-day cleaning. A non-abrasive cleaner is recommended for stubborn spills. The polished finish will stay intact as long as you avoid the use of abrasive cleaners. If the quartz surface has been honed, then marks, such as fingerprints, are usually easily seen. Nevertheless, the material is easy to clean. Therefore, marks can be removed without difficulty from the manufactured stone. Contact to know more.

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