Eight Advantages Of Metal Roofing

In the past 20 years, metal roofing has begun to gain in popularity. It helps that the types of products available do not even remotely resemble the corrugated rough hewn tin roofs of the past. In fact, people who currently choose metal over other available and even cheaper forms of roofing do so based on both the variety, the improvements made in methods and the overall advantages this type of roofing inherently brings to a home or business.

The basic materials from which metal is made are aluminum and steel. However, these are not the only possible choices. Metal roofs may also be comprised of copper and different alloys. While copper roofs are not uncommon, the current price of copper tends to put it out of reach of the average individual. As a result, aluminum and metal slates are the most common types of metals used for roofing.

The Pros of Metal Roofing

There are many reasons for the increase over the past decade. Among the top ten are the following:

1. Cost – While the initial outlay is more expensive than other forms of roofing, it does decrease the overall cost through decreasing maintenance

2. Longevity – metal roofs last long. Depending upon what quality or type of metal is used, they can endure from between 40 to 70 years. The warranty will back up the claims made by the roofing contractors

3. Resistant – Metal roofs are resistant to the elements of any climate. They can take much of what is thrown at them without losing a single metal tile

4. Energy saving – Save you money in heating and cooling bills

5. Fire resistant – metal roofs are relatively fire retardant or resistant

6. Easy to install – a skilled roofing contractor can put up quickly and efficiently

7. Environmentally friendly – requires replacement less frequently than asphalt roofs. It also is made out of recycled material (25% to 95%) recycled content making it better for the environment than asphalt. When you are finished with it, can be recycled to the tune of 100%. This takes it out of the landfill where many types of roofing traditionally goes

8. Resale Value – a metal roof does add value to the home. If you are thinking of selling, a metal roof can help.

Metal comes in a range of materials. The metals employed help to make metal roofs popular. They are strong and durable. For those who are concerned for the environmental impact of their home, roofing can prove to be beneficial. It is recycled and recyclable. Overall, it is an adornment to any home but a practical one that will help reduce the heating and cooling bill and decrease maintenance costs.

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