Doing Industrial Roof Repair in Oahu

If a company building has a foam rooftop to help insulate the interior of the structure, steps should be taken to make sure it is free of rips that could lead to leaking as a result. If a tear is noticed or if water is making its way into the building, Industrial Roof Repair in Oahu would need to be done to seal the area, so moisture remains on the exterior of the structure.

After a service is called, they would come to the company to do a complete evaluation of the roof. The service would do a complete cleaning of the roof so all blemishes would be exposed. They would then make the appropriate repairs to the area and seal it, so the roof is well-protected against future damage.

The first step the service would undertake would be assessing the rooftop after it has been cleaned. The cleaning process would be done with a power washer to remove any debris that may have settled upon the structure. Moving this out of the way would help show what portions of the roof may be in need of servicing.

After the roof is cleaned, the service would use a sealant to close up any cracks that are noticed. The caulk they use will adhere the foam back together, helping to keep moisture from entering the area again in the future. After all, cracks are repaired, a new layer of foam coating will be applied over the damaged portions. In some instances, the company may recommend having the entire rooftop coated with foam, so it appears uniform. When the foam has dried over the roof, a layer of sealant will be applied to protect the foam from becoming damaged in the future. The end result will be a rooftop that appears like new without risk of leaking.

If someone wishes to find a service that does Industrial Roof Repair in Oahu, they do not need to search far. Contact to find out about the array of services they provide regarding industrial roofing. An appointment can then be made to have an evaluation of the roof done if desired.

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