Design Tips for Concrete Pool Construction in Senoia, GA

Building a swimming pool in your backyard isn’t as simple as just digging a hole and lining it with concrete. When it comes to concrete pool construction in Senoia, GA, there are several design factors you want to keep in mind to ensure that you have a result you are happy with.

Consider Your Building Space

Before you begin any concrete swimming pool construction, you need to consider your available building space. Lots these days are smaller than before, which means less space for a luxurious swimming pool. One of the first things to consider with smaller lots is to build as close to the property line as possible. This allows you to utilize the boundary fence as part of your pool fence.

Never place the pool in a way that will section off a large area of your backyard. The best example is not putting it in the middle of the yard, limiting what you can do with the others around it. Minimize how much space you allocate to the pool deck, as this area won’t be used as much in the winter months.

Designing the Pool

Keep heating costs in mind when deciding how big you want to go with your concrete pool construction in Senoia, GA. The bigger it is, the more expensive it is to heat it. Think about exiting the house and heading to the pool and vice versa. Design your pool in a way that allows for easy transitions. Never build spas or steps after the pool has been built. Build those designs into the pool itself to improve how it looks.

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