Decorating the Fifth Wall with Metal Antique Ceilings in New York NY

Dating back to the mid-nineteenth century tin ceilings were quite innovative adding a touch high-class elegance at an affordable price point. Tin ceilings were America’s middle-class answer to the decorative plaster ceilings used by wealthy Europeans. Tin ceilings could be mass produced, were superior to plaster, intricately detailed, and easy to work with.

Tin ceilings were originally made of steel and then later stamped out of the tin. Manufacturers claimed that the use of tin ceilings provided the ultimate protection against fire, water, and rodents. Manufacturing of tin ceilings took off by the late 1800s with more than two dozen companies stamping and pounding tin ceilings. Most of them were located in the states of Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York, along railroad lines for fast delivery to contractors.

Metal antique ceilings New York NY create metal ceilings made of tin, copper or aluminum. Tin is an ideal metal to use due to its malleable nature and resistance to rust. Copper ceiling tiles complement any architectural style, from log cabin to elegant dining rooms. Copper’s color adds a sophisticated flare with its earthy patina and warm glow. The metallic finish provides a glow giving the impression that a room is larger than it is.

The intricate designs by metal antique ceilings New York NY are re-creations of vintage tin ceiling patterns. The exquisitely imprinted metal ceilings incorporate botanical motifs, scrollwork, and beading in such a way that they become focal points in any room. Matching metal tiles can be used as a backsplash in the kitchen for a harmonized look.

Today’s modern technology allows for easier installation of Metal Antique Ceilings New York NY as well. Companies like offer installation choices such as traditional nail up, Snaplock panels or suspended and dropped ceilings. Tin ceilings can installed as bare metal elements or painted to look like plaster. Some people prefer tin ceilings with a natural silver finish preserved with a coat of clear lacquer. They can also be plated with varying layers of metal to achieve a unique effect.

Tin ceilings offer the advantage of being relatively low cost and maintenance and have a long lifespan. Nothing matches the elegance and beauty of a room with a tin ceiling. Be it powder room or a farmhouse kitchen, enhanced with a one-of-a-kind metal ceiling they will be admired and treasured as those from days gone by.

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