Concrete Foundation Repair in Mississippi: Homeowners Pay Attention to These Signs

Your home’s foundation is a very important structural component. However, because it is buried underneath your home, sometimes it can be very easy to forget. When you’re in your basement, it is a good idea to take a look around from time to time to check on the foundation’s condition. What most homeowners are unaware of, is that concrete foundations, particularly in older homes, can begin to crack under pressure causing damage to the entire home. Cracked foundations are a significant sign that you need to contact a professional for concrete foundation repair in Mississippi.

Changes in How Doors Open and Close

One way to determine if there are issues with your foundation is to pay attention to the doors of your home. As the foundation begins to shift, the house will settle which will ultimately result in the doors being brought down just a bit. The first sign of shifting issues would be if the door no longer fits snuggly into the sill or if it suddenly drags on the ground making it complicated to close. Other doors you might consider checking is the garage door. As the home shifts, the doors will remain in the same space, meaning that you may notice a gap underneath the garage door.

Cracks Around the Walls Near Doors/Windows

Another sign that you need to contact a contractor for foundation repair is if you begin to notice cracks on the walls. Pay close attention to walls near openings such as the windows and doors. As the house begins to settle, the walls may begin to crack in weaker areas of the home’s structure. If the cracks are visible, you should not delay in contacting a professional.

Unlevel Floor

If your home has hardwood or tile flooring, noticing that it is uneven can be fairly easy. If you notice that the ground underneath you has begun to slope, this is a sign that something is wrong with your foundation that needs to be repaired.

If you’ve found any of these foundational issues in your home, you should not delay in contacting a professional for Concrete Foundation Repair in Mississippi. There are increasing reports of homes suddenly caving in or collapsing, causing significant damage to personal belongings, and those who reside on the property. To avoid this from happening to you, making an appointment for a foundation inspection is advised.

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