Comprehensive Industrial Roofing Services in Plainfield IL

Industrial Roofing Services Plainfield IL covers a lot of different components. There are repairs that can be completed, overlays that can restore an existing roof, complete roofing replacement, coatings to enhance a roof, and maintenance services that can help prolong the life of a roof. Since industrial roofs often last for thirty years, most business owners or managers know very little about the roof that is on the building, and options for roofing systems. It is easy to be talked into getting more roof than is needed, getting a replacement when an overlay will suffice, or having repairs done over and over when a replacement would be more cost-effective. An experienced company will be able to educate owners on problems, options, and costs.

Industrial and commercial roofing is primarily flat roof systems, of which there are a few options. Knowing which system will work best for the needs and goals of the business is the first step toward providing custom solutions and comprehensive Industrial Roofing Services in Plainfield IL. A representative should sit down with owners and listen to what is desired from the next roofing system before determining what to propose for a solution. Options need to be presented in detail so owners can make an educated decision, and proposals should include sketches of each option, details of materials needed, and industry recommendations for the best option for the specific roof problems. Some companies invite owners to Contact to get a Free Survey! That will begin the complete proposal process.

Some roofs that are beyond simple repairs can be fixed with an overlay project. A new roof is placed on top of the existing roof. The procedure can save a lot of time and money over a total roof replacement. There are conditions that must be met to ensure the success of an overlay. The existing roof has to have been properly maintained, and has not expired life expectancy. The structural roof deck has to be able to support fasteners and adhesives for the overlay, and any leaks have to have been minor and in isolated areas. If those criteria are not met, the roof will require a complete replacement. That will mean the current roofing will have to be removed, and a new system installed. If a new roof is needed, options include two types of built-up roofing, thermoset roofing, or thermoplastic roofing.

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