Common Crawl Space Issues

The crawl space is the dark part of your home that you might forget, but keeping it in good condition is important. Since crawl spaces can be somewhat of an afterthought, many are left untouched or improperly built. Here are some common issues that necessitate crawl space repair in Barrington or any other city.

Improper Vapor Barrier

A vapor barrier is what keeps the moisture in the soil from seeping into your crawl space. Moisture is a big problem in a crawl space because it can lead to mold or unpleasant odors. Mold is unhealthy for you to breathe in, and odors in your home and downright unpleasant. If your vapor barrier is old or improperly constructed, it’s vital to repair it.

Water Leaking

Depending on the slope of your yard, the ventilation construction of your crawl space, and the way your gutters drain, there could be water leaking into your crawl space. Leaking water is a problem because it can pool down there. Pooling water weakens your foundation and can cause cracking that’s expensive to fix later. It also poses a risk of introducing fungi and mold dangerous to your health.


Ventilation is important to your crawl space because air flow helps prevent the growth of molds that thrive in damp environments. However, improperly constructed ventilation leads to drafts in your crawl space. Drafts are problematic because they let your conditioned air escape and let outside air in. This costs you more money in the long term and can make your home uncomfortable.

Finding Repairs

You have a couple of options when seeking repairs for your crawl space. If you have one specific issue, you can bring in a professional who can repair that one issue for a relatively cheap price. However, cheap fixes don’t always last. Your best option might be to completely re-do your crawl space with a system made to keep moisture and excess air out of your crawl space.

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