Choosing Between a New Roof or a Roof Repair in Lincoln, NE

While repairing a roof for leaks can offer temporary relief, you need to think about installing a new roof if leaking starts to become are recurring problem. Even though a roof has been repaired for leaks, it probably has already sustained some structural damage.

What Is the Age of Your Roof?

Before you make a decision for a roof repair in Lincoln, NE or a new roof, however, you need to consider the age of your current roof as well as the materials. If your roof is made of asphalt shingles, it should last as long as 25 years – maybe even longer. Alternatively, if the roof is comprised of several shingle layers and is properly ventilated, it may not be in need of an immediate replacement.

Is Your Roof Sagging in Spots?

In order to determine the extent of any roof damage, you need to go outside and look at your roof; check the shingle lines. Do you see any sagging? If you notice this fault, then the sheathing beneath the roof is rotting. Also, observe the valleys and check the condition of the roof in these areas. If you notice some irregularities, you may want to forego any roof repair and opt for a new roof instead.

Do You See Asphalt Granules in Your Gutters?

When you clean your gutters, do you notice asphalt granules inside the gutter? If so, it is a strong indicator that your roof is breaking down. Also, if you note any misshapen, cracked or curled shingles, you need more than a roof repair. You need to call a contractor about installing a new roof.

It is also helpful to check inside the attic after a rainstorm. Look for any moisture or leaks. Is sunlight streaming through the boards of the roof? If you find any of these kinds of warning signs, you require a consultation with a roofing professional.

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