Check Regularly for Exterior and Interior Signs that Roofing Repair in Rochester, MN is Needed

Asphalt roofing is both cost-effective and durable, but it does not last forever. Eventually, the tiles will degrade, and the roof will cease to function as an effective means of keeping out the elements. Allowing this degradation to proceed unchecked can lead to much more substantial, and costly to repair, damage. This makes it very important, particularly in areas of the country as cold as Minnesota, for homeowners to perform regular inspections and catch any warning signs of the need for Roofing Repair in Rochester MN early. Follow the steps below to ensure that a residential asphalt shingle roof is not damaged.

Exterior Inspection

Make a point of going up on the roof to evaluate any potential damage at least several times a year. Look for shingles that are cracked, have missing granules, look like they’re dented, or show signs of curling around the edges. Replacing individual missing or damaged shingles is quite inexpensive. If many of the shingles are showing signs of damage or general wear, it’s probably time for more extensive roof repair.

Be sure to keep an eye out for signs of algae growth, or pooling water. Dark spots and streaks, discoloration, and pooling water are all sure indications that moisture is beginning to find its way into the roof. Visible sagging is also a very bad sign and should elicit immediate action.

Often when asphalt shingles begin to degrade, granules, sludge, and even pieces of shingle end up in the gutters. Gutters should be cleaned regularly anyway to ensure proper functioning, so keep an eye out for pieces of shingle both small and large when performing regular gutter maintenance.

Interior Inspection

Typically the need for Roofing Repair in Rochester MN only manifests itself in the interior of a home when the situation has become quite dire. Often leaks go unnoticed until serious damage has already been done, but heading up to the attic or crawl space and looking for signs of moisture, including staining, pooling water, and mold, can prevent some of this damage. If the roof is showing signs of sagging that are noticeable from the interior of the house, it’s a sign that it is experiencing serious water damage and rot. Finally, if there is light shining through into the attic, the roof is definitely in need of repairs. Contact Steve Gentry Construction to find a qualified contractor who can help.

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