Calling Roofers in Severna Park MD To Fix A Foam Roof

When a business has a foam coating adorning their rooftop, it will be necessary to take the needed steps to fix a crack in the substance immediately after one is noticed. Most businesses will call one of the Roofers in Severna Park MD to tend to the task. Here are some of the steps a roofer will take to ensure the foam is sealed from moisture effectively.

The Rooftop Will Be Cleaned

The first step a roofing company will take to fix a cracked foam rooftop is with a cleaning session. Cleaning the entire rooftop will allow the service to find any other cracks that may be present so they can repair damage during one session instead of being called out for subsequent visits. The roofing company will have the appropriate cleaning agents to do the job, leaving the foam in a pristine condition as a result.

The Cracks Will Be Filled

A cement caulk agent will be inserted into each crack that is found. This is done with aid from a caulk gun. The material used will provide a protective barrier so moisture no longer makes its way to the wood underneath the foam. Roofing companies have commercial grade supplies to handle the job efficiently and completely.

A New Coat Of Foam Will Be Applied

After all cracks are filled in and dried, a new coat of foam will be applied over the damaged area. It is important to use the same type of foam for this job. A roofer will be able to identify if the existing foam is made of urethane, silicone, or another type of substance. They will then spray the area with the foam, and allow it to dry completely.

When a business wishes to hire one of the Roofers in Severna Park MD, they will want to find one with plenty of experience with foam rooftops. Contact Reliable Roofers Inc today to schedule an appointment for an evaluation or to find out pricing information if desired. Someone will then be dispatched to the business to take a look at the damage and decide how to repair it properly.

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