Being Hospitable to Workers Doing Residential Roofing in Brookfield WI

When having Residential Roofing in Brookfield WI installed, homeowners might wonder whether there’s anything they can do to make the crew’s workdays more pleasant. Nothing is required other than staying out of their way, but certain aspects of hospitality will be appreciated.

Because the crew members stay outside, the situation is different compared with having interior remodeling or painting done, or having a new furnace installed. Nevertheless, roofing contractors will be pleasantly surprised if they are offered a cooler with bottles of water and soft drinks on a hot day. Setting out snacks, such as cookies and small bags of potato chips and pretzels, also is a nice gesture. They probably will have brought some of these things along, but providing snacks and beverages is still friendly. It’s best not to ask whether they want these items, however, because the crew will likely say “no” just as a matter of course. The homeowner can simply put the cooler and a basket of snacks on the steps or deck and let the roofers know they are welcome to these foods and beverages.

On cold days, offering hot coffee or hot chocolate can be a friendly act, but it’s generally more difficult to do this since it requires keeping the beverages heated. If a coffeepot or a pot of hot water can be kept running in the garage, that’s a possibility. Again, crew members from a company such as Waukesha Roofing Inc are likely to bring their own thermoses of coffee or other hot beverages if they want to drink some during the workday.

Homeowners don’t need to allow crew members to use the bathroom or to come inside for any reason. The workers should leave for bathroom breaks. If numerous crew members are on the job, and it’s more than a 10-minute drive to a public bathroom facility, the roofing business owners are supposed to have a portable restroom available at the work site. This is unlikely with a project involving residential roofing in Brookfield, WI, of course. The need generally arises when a large structure is relatively isolated in a very rural area.

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