Beat the Ever-Changing Weather With Quality Residential Roofing in Billings MT

There are two primary reasons to replace the roofing on a house. The first is damage to the roofing which is so bad that simple repairs prove difficult or costly. The second is an aging roof that is due to fail fairly soon. The latter may be the better situation because there is less chance of serious issues such as damaged decking or rafters. Residential roofinf in Billings, MT comes in a variety of types from the simple, budget friendly, asphalt shingle to more expensive, man-made materials that simulate cedar shake. In between are durable products such as stamped steel, fiber-cement tiles and several kinds of composite asphalt products.

Selecting a roofing product will often depend on the type of home. For instance, a home in the craftsman style will usually look best with composite shingles. The same is often true of colonial styled buildings, although shake suits them as well. However, some materials can simulate the look of others while items like fiber-cement look great on almost any style of building. Fiber-cement tiles are made from a mixture of Portland cement and cellulose, typically a wood pulp. They provide a long lasting roof and generally have warranties in the thirty-year range.

Stamped steel is an excellent product for residential roofing in Billings, MT because it is extremely durable. Steel roofing comes in various styles so that it can cover almost any building. For example, stamped steel can resemble Mediterranean tiles, cedar shake, and even simple asphalt shingles. One benefit of this product is that steel is treated with either galvanizing or a coating of fluoropolymer-based paint. This helps the product survive decades of weather and still look great. Another benefit is the ability to install steel roofing over an existing asphalt roof. This is possible because the steel is fairly lightweight.

No matter which solution is chosen, it is important to have the roof properly inspected before the job begins and then on an annual basis afterward. Inspecting the roof beforehand ensures that the structure can handle the stress while annual inspections make sure the roof is doing its job. Most annual inspections can be handled by the property owner, but the occasional check by an expert may be required. Learn more about roofing solutions from the experts at Built Wright Homes.

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