Basement Waterproofing in West Chester PA Can be Accomplished With a Long Guarantee

Basement waterproofing is often required because of the extreme pressure exerted on the concrete walls by the wet soil. The result is cracks in the foundation and water leaking into the basement. Over time, this will deteriorate the basement walls and allow more water to get into the basement. The longer this condition is allowed to exist, the more damage the basement walls and the basement will suffer.

When the dirt in the area where the water is entering the basement has been removed, then the waterproofing process can start. If the home is being built, then this process should be applied to all of the basement walls. The process begins with a waterproof membrane seal applied to the wall area where the leak is occurring. If its is possible to do so, the membrane seal should be applied to every wall. If one wall is susceptible to subterranean pressure, then it is likely that all walls will be at some time. This membrane is a specially formulated product to seal the basement walls and it is sprayed onto the wall surface so that it gets into every crack and crevice.The basement waterproofing in West Chester, PA can handle this task.

The next step in waterproofing is the application of the vapor barrier which is an impenetrable barrier. A layer of the membrane seal is applied on top of the membrane. The last step is the application of a protective insulating material.

There are other methods which will provide better drainage to carry water away from the walls. One method is laying drainage tiles at the bottom of the foundation. These tiles have holes in the top to collect water and they are installed so the water is diverted from the foundation into an area where the water will do no harm. The Basement Waterproofing in West Chester PA has technicians who know how to install these drains.

Another method is to dig a trench at the bottom of the foundation and fill it with gravel. This provides a place for the water to accumulate without disturbing the walls or the foundation. If this drain is installed properly, it should prevent water from collecting and staying in one place.

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