A Roofing Contractor in Monterey, CA Can Restore Your Wood Shake Roof

Exterior wood restoration is important as well as cleaning to keep keyways debris-free and get rid of any green growth on cedar shakes. Regular treatments to hydrate the wood will keep the roof in tip-top condition. Therefore, a restoration process should be facilitated about every eight to ten years. That way, an older roof can look new again.

Preparing for the Restoration Process

A roofing contractor in Monterey, CA who specializes in wood shake roof restoration is the best person to contact for the work. The process for restoration begins by preparing the area around the home. That means carefully safeguarding the landscaping and/or disconnecting the downspouts to keep the drain system free of clogs.

Replacing and Examining the Shakes

Next, a roofing contractor will focus on cleaning and examining each shake. Shakes that are cupped, worn, or severely cracked are individually replaced throughout the roof system. Hip and ridge caps that are missing or loose will be replaced as well. Roofers also make sure that no nails are apparent or visible.

Re-Flashing and Re-Sealing

In the next phase, the roofing contractor will re-flash and re-seal the roof line openings where needed. Therefore, the chimney flashings are surveyed to make sure they are properly grounded into the masonry of the building and sealed. Step flashings are also inspected for integrity. Any necessary repairs are then made.

Contact a Local Contractor for Further Details

After shake replacement, the roof is usually conditioned with brighteners in order to bring out or even out the color and tone of the roof. You can find out more about this type of service by visiting such roofing websites as Roof Time online. It pays to protect your investment whether you need a roof restoration or installation. Check online to review your options today.

If you are wondering whether you should restore your roof or opt for a new one, you can get better insight if you review the alternatives featured online and contact a contractor in your local area.

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