A Residential Roofing Service in Ann Arbor MI Can Protect the Home and Save the Family Money

After an initial home inspection shows the roof to be sound, homeowners tend to ignore their roof for years. As long as they aren’t in the path of a severe storm or have trees that hang over their home, families don’t really need to worry about normal wear and tear until the roof gets close to the end of its life span. However, wise homeowners visually inspect the top of their house regularly to look for missing or damaged shingles. Problems like this can typically be seen from the sidewalk in front of the house and noticing them early can prevent costly residential roofing service in Ann Arbor, MI.

No roof will last forever so homeowners can count on repairing or replacing their roof if they live in the home long enough. Knowing the age of the roof and watching for signs of unusual wear can help families prevent any serious leaks that could damage their home. It’s also important to pay attention to the gutters. Clogged or cracked gutters could lead to excessive water on the roof, and that could prematurely age the structure.

A modern roof will last at least 15 years. During that time, it might need to be repaired. These repairs can extend the life of the roof. Residential roofing service in Ann Arbor, MI can repair portions of the roof, cover the existing tiles with new ones or tear off the old roof and replace it with a completely new roof. Each option is progressively more expensive, but the quality and stability also improve with each step. When the damage is minor, and the roof isn’t leaking, there’s no reason to address the entire roof. However, if the roof is old and light shines through to the inside, there’s a good chance the family is wasting a lot of money on heating and cooling their home.

A homeowner that have roof damage they need to get addressed should contact New Roof Inc. for an estimate. By working with an experienced contractor with ties to the community, homeowners can be sure the professionals they choose will provide them with a roof that will protect their home and keep their energy bills low.

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