A Missouri Roof Can Last Beyond Its Use By Date And How Homeowners Can Make It Last

A common misconception is at the end of 15 or 20 years, homeowners will need a new roof. For the most part, that’s true. It’s due to lack of maintenance and roof inspections by contractors in roofing in Joplin, MO.

However, homeowners using roofing services to keep their roof viable might extend the roof life by ten years or more. Can roofs last past their use by date? How can homeowners extend their life?


The most common roofing material, asphalt is also easier to maintain. Some homeowners think once a roof is on, they can forget it. They wouldn’t fail to maintain their cars which protect them against weather, so why would they do the same with their roof? Yearly maintenance is cheaper than a new roof and provides homeowners with security and comfort.

Wood Shakes
Because wood (even cedar) absorbs water, wood shakes are more susceptible to rot and insect damage than other roofing materials. Wood shakes look incredible and raise the value of a house, but they require work to remain a viable roofing solution.

Keep it dry. Dirt and leaves build up beneath wood shakes. This means moisture retention against the underlayment which equals a leaky roof. Cleaning the shakes regularly prevents this. The shakes should have been specially treated before contractors in roofing in Joplin, MO, roofed the house. Special coatings can be applied over the years to keep them waterproof and insectproof. Even with these, a wood roof will only last 20 to 30 years.

Falcon Roofing can tell you more about types of roof materials and how to extend their life when you contact us to know more.

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