5 Reasons to Call a Maryland Roofer After a Storm

From power outages to fallen trees, storms can cause serious property damage-;and roofing is usually the first thing affected. Thankfully, local roofers are ready and willing to lend a hand to protect families after a disaster. From high winds to heavy rains, homes must stand up to a variety of elements. Here, residential roofers list a few ways storms can damage property.


Whether it is as big as a marble or a softball, hail can cause severe damage to a home. The impact can leave dents in metal flashing and damage shingles and, eventually, these damages can affect the roof’s structure and allow water into the home.

High Winds

Storm-driven winds can tear shingles off the roof, and homeowners should do a visual inspection after a heavy storm to quickly spot any obvious damage. The sealer holding shingles in place can crack under pressure, and if such issues remain unaddressed by a Maryland Roofer, leaks are likely.

Sleet and Snow

Maryland’s winters can be harsh. Whether it is a blizzard or a gradual buildup of snow, it can have a significant impact on a home’s roof. Freezing temperatures can cause ice damming, leaks, and catastrophic damage due to collapse.


While most people don’t think a rainstorm is that big a deal, rain can cause big problems. Rainfall can damage the shingles and sealant and, if it freezes, causes the roofing materials to expand and gradually crack.

Nearby Trees

Whether it is a single limb or the entire trunk, a falling tree can cause issues long after the first sign of a problem. Even if a hole in the roof is repaired, previous damage can compromise the roof’s structural integrity and make it more susceptible to future water damage. Homeowners should regularly inspect nearby trees for damage and disease and call a tree service to trim or remove dead and low-hanging branches that may cause roofing issues.

A roof is the home’s best defense against the elements and, as such, it needs proper care and repairs. For roof replacement or repairs after a storm-related emergency, call a Maryland Roofer with Reliable Roofers Inc. To learn more, call or visit their website.

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