3 Signs That Homeowners Need To Contact A Professional In Roof Repair In Silver Spring

The roof of a person’s home is a very complex structure. It is also one of the most important structures on the house. The roof is responsible for keeping water and debris from coming into the home. It also keeps the home warm during the winter and cool during the summer. Because the roof is so important, homeowners should be able to recognize the signs that they should call a professional in Roof Repair in Silver Spring. The sooner the homeowner is able to recognize that there is a problem with their roof, the better.

Missing Shingles

The easiest roof problem to spot is if the shingles are falling off. This is because the homeowner will find them around the yard. The shingles can fall off the roof during severe weather or if the roof is reaching its maximum lifespan. If the homeowner notices shingles on the ground around their home, they should contact a professional roofer.

Decaying Shingles

Decaying shingles can be very damaging to the roof. In some cases, decaying shingles will fall right off. In others, the shingles will lift up and collect water underneath. If this water is allowed to sit under the shingles, it can result in a serious mold issue on the roof. One of the main signs that the shingles on the roof are decaying is when they lift up. This is something that can usually be seen from the ground.

Missing Granules

Asphalt shingles have a rock-like coating on them that are called granules. The granules are responsible for keeping the shingles from cracking when the sun beats down on the shingles. If the granules begin wearing off, the shingles will crack which can create an entry point for water into the home. It is not difficult to find out if the granules are wearing off the shingles and the homeowner won’t need to climb up on the roof to inspect the shingles. When the granules start wearing off, the homeowner will find black debris in their downspouts and gutters. If this happens, the homeowner should contact a professional roofer.

It is important that homeowners are able to recognize that there is a problem with their roof. Not only is it important for the health of the roof and the structure of the home, it is also important for the homeowner’s belongings inside. For more information on Roof Repair in Silver Spring, Visit Site.

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